The M62 is a west-east cross-country motorway. It connects Liverpool with Hull, and passes through Manchester and Leeds. A section of the motorway around Manchester is part of the M60. The motorway was built between 1971 and 1976. If adjusted for inflation, it would cost about £765m to build.

History Edit

The idea of a trans-Pennine route was aroused in the 1930s, when there was a need for a link between Lancashire and Yorkshire. There was also a growing need for a motorway link to Liverpool. The plans were finalised in 1963 and construction began in 1971.

In 2000, the strech of motorway between Junctions 12 and 18 were renamed the M60 to create an orbital motorway around the outskirts of Manchester.

Exit list Edit

M62 Motorway
Westbound exits Junction Eastbound exits
Start of motorway 4 Start of motorway
Huyton A5080 5 Huyton A5080
Runcorn, Liverpool (S) A5300

Southport, Prescot M57

6 Runcorn, Liverpool (S) A5300

Southport, Prescot M57

Prescot, Warrington A57

Widnes A557

7 Prescot, Warrington A57

St Helens A570

Warrington (W), Burtonwood (A574) 8 Warrington (W), Burtonwood (A574)
Burtonwood service area
Warrington, Newton A49 9 Warrington, Newton A49
Birmingham, Preston, Chester M6 10 Birmingham, Preston, Chester M6
Warrington (E), Birchwood A574 11 Warrington (E), Birchwood A574
N/A 12 Bolton (M61), Bury (M66), Leeds (M62)

Salford M602

Becomes M60 for junctions 12 to 18
Manchester M60

Bury, Blackburn M66

18 N/A
Birch service area
Middleton, Heywood A6046 19 Middleton, Heywood A6046
Rochdale, Oldham A627(M) 20 Rochdale, Oldham, Ashton A627(M)
Milnrow, Shaw A640 21 Milnrow, Shaw A640
Saddleworth A672 22 Ripponden, Sowerby Bridge A672
No westbound exit 23 Huddersfield A640
Huddersfield, Halifax A629 24 Huddersfield, Halifax A629
Brighouse A644

Huddersfield (A62)

25 Brighouse, Dewsbury A644
Hartshead service area
Bradford M606

Halifax A58

26 Bradford M606

Cleckheaton A638

Bradford A62

Leeds (M621)

27 Leeds M621

Bately (A62), Morely (A650)

Leeds, Dewbury A653 28 Leeds, Dewbury A653
London, Leeds, Wakefield M1 29 London, Wakefield, The NORTH M1

Leeds (M621)

Rothwell, Wakefield A642 30 Rothwell, Wakefield A642
Castleford, Normanton A655 31 Castleford, Normanton A655
Pontefract, Castleford A639 32 Pontefract, Castleford A639
The NORTH, Wetherby A1(M) 32a The NORTH, Wetherby A1(M)

The SOUTH, Doncaster A1(M)

The SOUTH, Doncaster (A1)

Pontefract, A162

33 Knottingly A162
Ferrybridge service area
Selby, Doncaster A19 34 Selby, Doncaster A19
The SOUTH, Doncaster M18

Scunthorpe (M180)

35 The SOUTH M18

Scunthorpe (M180)

Goole A614 36 Goole A614
Howden A614

Selby (A63)

37 York (A63)

Howden, Bridlington A614

End of motorway 38 North Cave, Gilberdyke B1230

Hull, Beverley A63

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